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Wuhan Litailai Clothes Co., Ltd.(Military Camouflage Uniform Garment Clothes)

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We are one of professional Manufacturers of Military Uniform in China.Our main products include: Military& Camouflage Uniform Series: M65 Jacket, Parka Jacket, Combat Jacket, BDU(Battle Dress Uniform) ,ACU, CP Uniform; Military Wool Overcoat/Wool Great Coat/Woolen Long Coat; Military Wool Uniform, Ceremonial Uniform, Working Uniform, Fatigue Uniform, Military Training Suits, Overall Uniform, Shirts, Lady's Wool Skirts&Shirts,etc. Military&Police Boot Series: Desert Boots, Jungle Boots, Combat Boots, Officer Shoes, Patent PU Shoes, Snow Boots, Work Boots, Safety Shoes Bullet-proof/Ballisitc Series: Kevlar Helmet, PE Helmet, Bullet-proof Vest/Jacket, Anti-riot Shield, Anti-riot Suits, Anti-riot Shield,etc. Military&Camouflage Pullover/Sweater/Jersey Military&Camouflage Raincoat/Poncho/Poncho liner Military Webbing equipment: Military&Camouflage Sleeping bag, Backpack, Alicebag Set,Military Belt&Buckle, Military Hydration Bladder, Water Bottle, Canteen, etc. Military Goggle. Military&Police Fabric: Digital Rib-stop Military Camouflage Fabric, Military Anti-Irradiation (IRR) Camouflage fabric, Wool Fabric(Melton, Serge, Gabardine,etc.), Police Shirt fabric. Military Cap Series: Military Wool Beret, BDU Caps, Bucket Hats, Baseball Cap, Peak Cap Military&Police Socks; Military Blanket, Military Bath Towel,etc. MSN: militaryuniform at 126 dot com militaryuniform at gmail dot com Skype:militaryuniform Tel: 86-13302019738
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